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Welcome to Catch Up Crew

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I'll Catch you Up on the News, the rest is up to you!

This weekly podcast brings news and current events to kids in an understandable way. Creating an honest conversation with families. Join me each Friday and let’s “catch up” together.

Welcome to this new podcast for kids, in which we discuss current news with children and their families in an understandable and safe way. We believe that children want and need to learn about the world around them and how to be a part of it.

Our mission is to create an honest conversation with kids about news of the day, so they learn about the world and how to be a part of it.

With everything that has been going on in the world these last few months, we felt there was a growing need of ways to inform children about current events. With this podcast we want to fill that gap a little by bringing news weekly in an understandable, age-appropriate, unbiased way through this podcast. We hope it will help children to start asking questions to their parents and caregivers, and parents and caregivers to start conversations with their children.

News isn't just for adults

We believe that knowing what's going on in the world is important for all ages. Not only to be informed, but because it often effects your life and the life of the people around you. Take COVID as an example; it caused a worldwide quarantine, school closures, stop on playdates and probably at least one person in everyones direct circle to get ill. Not knowing what is going on can cause uncertainty and fear, while that's not always necessary or reasonable. News should lead to more understanding, not confusion.

Preparing kids to be independent and curious individuals

We want to empower children to become positive contributors to society, both now and in the future

By talking to and with children about the news, we want to prepare them to be independent and curious about the world and its people. We want to give them the tools to learn about the world, and eventually, if they want to, to make it a better place. We also feel that it's important to include children in our program. We're not just talking TO them, we want to start a conversation WITH them, as the news impacts all of us. This podcast aspires to give them a voice; answering their questions, interviewing them on how currents events have effected them and their families.

Cover ALL news

News can be depressing to listen to all the time. That's why we' re only doing it once a week and we want to make sure to bring children ALL the news that's important to them. So also fun and inspiring stories. All while keeping it real and honest, creating a safe space to have important conversations. Creating a positive, wider world view in our kids!

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