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About Our Crew

Sarah is the founder and anchor of the podcast. She's into singing, playing the guitar and soccer. She was a Music Teacher and School Psychologist in Special Education in the Netherlands and has been living in Los Angeles for almost two years. Since her move to the US she noticed that there weren't many channels or podcasts that bring the news to children. With no experience with journalism or broadcasting, she surrounded herself with a group of talented friends that were enthusiastic and eager to help out.

Sarah N  (yep, we have two Sarah's on the team!) is our  co-founder, co-writer, and designer. She's a dedicated birder and bird photographer. She lives in Los Angeles and spends all her time off on field trips in and around L.A. She works in tech and is an amazing organizer, coordinator, researcher and designer.

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Savannah is our co-founder and co-writer. She's a dedicated, L.A. based teacher and mom of a 1 year old. She loves reading, good food and discovering new places in Los Angeles and surroundings with her husband. She's looking forward to having conversations with children about current events and how they effect them.

Anna is our lead writer and journalist who has taught us so much to start this podcast. She loves spending quality time with her husband and two kids (the youngest is just a few months old!) and dressing up. Plus, she is a REAL life journalist, dedicated to bringing us the news!

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